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On My Birthday, Gratitude Is The Measure Of Altitude 0

On My Birthday, Gratitude Is The Measure Of Altitude

Today is my birthday. A special day to remember and express my immense gratitude to important personalities who have shaped my life and made me become who I am up till this moment. Today,...


Define Your Goal and Focus.

If you want to know a man or woman going somewhere, ask him/her what their goal is. While talking to a group of high school leavers, many will tell you they want to be...


10 Ways To Drive Your Life With Purpose

As we discuss the subject of purpose driven leadership, it became obvious that important characters drive purposefulness. Mike Myat has provided ten (10) criteria that could help a leader achieve purpose driven leadership. These...


10 Ways To Rebuild A Damaged Self Esteem

How do you truly see yourself as a leader? Do you see yourself based on what others say you are, other people’s affirmations, comments, validations or you see yourself differently? What is your personality...


5 Ways To Rebuild Your Self Esteem

Refuse to dwell on negative thoughts about yourself. During the developmental stages of children, many people were exposed to negative messages, abuses, curses, derogatory remarks or were called very ugly names. When these messages...


7 Action Keys For Intentional Living

Change your objectives. The objectives of 2019 or that of previous years must be different from those of 2018 if you must achieve different results. Let’s examine your career goals and a need to...

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