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Seven Trademark Habits of Successful Leaders.

Globally, successful leaders are known to have habits or repeated behaviours that give them their outstanding results. Being successful have been traced to the habits of leaders. You cannot succeed if your habits are...


5 Types Of Leaders You Must Stay Away From

Those who tell you that you can get anything without working for it. Leadership is about solving problems; however, the solutions must be methodical, and process based. When you work with a leader, learn...


5 Ways To Discover Your Leadership DNA

Many individuals who are leaders today didn’t really set out to be who they are now at the beginning. They are as surprised as others, with what they can do. Many have doubted themselves...



The abbreviation DNA is a medical terminology which means deoxyribonucleic acid. The DNA is the material in the cells of organisms called chromosomes, that carries their distinctive features or fundamental characteristics. DNA largely remains...


5 Steps A Leader Uses in Solving Problems

Leaders do face difficulties, challenges or problems. These are situations that poses concern, blockade or enigma requiring resolution. A problem usually evolves or occurs as a bang but the concern and impact it comes...

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