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Leadership Lifestyle

Operational Efficiency: Cost Of Goods/Services As A Focus Of Operational Leadership

The awareness that any goods or service that is overpriced will receive resistance from customers is a guide to operational leaders in deciding product/service design, capacity investment, efficient moulds/processes, production cost reduction, quality products and …

Leadership Lifestyle Mentorship

The Operations Of System And Structure

The Operations Of The System And Structure Leadership programs, systems and structure exist to provide oversight, tools, methods and instrument of ensuring aspirations are turned to results. Leaders use leadership programs, systems and structure to …

Leadership Lifestyle

The Discipline Of Exemplary Leadership.

To many leaders, their belief in leadership is a matter of enunciating precepts. Like the old adage says, “example is better than precept”. Fact is a good leader spends a great deal of time teaching …

Leadership Lifestyle

The Process Of Robust Dialogue

Many team members under the belief of not “rocking the boat” or fear of not “supporting executive initiatives” prefer to go along with discourses by stating and restating what the leader prefers to hear or …

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