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Leadership Mentorship

Enemies Of Change

Change is the easiest way of making enemies. No matter how fanciful change initiatives are, there are always some individuals who are aversive to change, or detest it, and will always work against it. So, …

Leadership Mentorship

Blurred Vision Produces Unintended Reality

End to end leadership execution is a system that focuses on business initiatives and the control required to achieve the desired result in all phases from beginning to end points. End to end leadership execution …

Leadership Mentorship

How Leaders See the End from the Beginning

Execution leadership confer the power of choice on the executives to act responsibly. It starts with personal leadership which creates a planned priorities action and visualises desired outcomes. The execution leader achieve this cycle by …

Educational Leadership Lifestyle


A plan is a written document showing the entire picture of different parts and stating intended purpose set to be achieved, it involves timelines and details of several short activities or micro plans which on …

Smart CEO


November 30th, 2016 was the book launch of one of Port Harcourt’s finest Dr. Godwin Orovwiroro. The book Smart CEO’s Leadership Execution was an expose on the skills and characterisation of leaders and what it …

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