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Leadership Mentorship

Leadership Programs, Systems And Structures That Promote Change

Leadership Programs, Systems And Structure That Promote Change What are your dominant leadership programs? Is it insourcing or outsourcing? In many circumstances, most leaders look for outside talents to fill open vacancies either due to …

Educational Leadership

Leaders: Agents Of Change

Leaders are change agents wherever they find themselves. They use insightful skills to challenge what exist and constantly design new and better ways of achieving impactful results by being mavericks. They understand that leadership comes …

Leadership Mentorship

Enemies Of Change

Change is the easiest way of making enemies. No matter how fanciful change initiatives are, there are always some individuals who are aversive to change, or detest it, and will always work against it. So, …

Leadership Mentorship

Change Is About People

The focus of execution leadership should not be about changing an organization, rather it should be about changing the mind-set of people in the organization. Until the people change, the organization does not change. In …

Leadership Mentorship

5 Factors That Make Change Stick in Organisations

1) Develop incremental change initiative as against a radical system. Change is a learning process and should evolve incrementally. Incremental change goes through information sharing, concept acceptance, process ownership and being the change brand/agent. Sometimes, …

Leadership Mentorship

Execution- The Wave Of  Change

On a heavy torrential rainy day in some areas of the tropics, flood water are usually noticed flowing with heavy current. This moving body of water displaces sediments and light objects on its path and …

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