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Leadership Mentorship

Leadership Structures

Systems are usually supported by a structure. The structure determine how functions are to be organised and the way and manner works should be carried out. Leaders typical structure work in any of the ways …

Educational Leadership

The discipline of knowing the desired result

Execution leaders must envision the desired end result of change. To get there, goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions are created. In getting the result, action sequencing is carried out based on priority of what …

Leadership Mentorship

Enemies Of Change

Change is the easiest way of making enemies. No matter how fanciful change initiatives are, there are always some individuals who are aversive to change, or detest it, and will always work against it. So, …

Leadership Mentorship Resources

Execution Leadership: Which Style Will Be Most Effective?

Execution Leadership: Which Style Will Be Most Effective? A lot of leadership styles have been advanced by several studies which classifies these styles into: coercive, authoritative, affirmative, democratic, pacesetter, mentoring/coaching, etc. The focus of execution …

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