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The Conversion Process: Input And Output

Often than not, Leaders are involved in the job of planning, organizing, controlling and supervising the processes involved in producing goods and services through management of a conversion process. A conversion process is a single …

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The Operations Of System And Structure

The Operations Of The System And Structure Leadership programs, systems and structure exist to provide oversight, tools, methods and instrument of ensuring aspirations are turned to results. Leaders use leadership programs, systems and structure to …

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Creating Leadership Programs

Creating Leadership Programs A leader can create leadership programs by 1)Building a knowledge based culture organisation. A learning organisation challenges intellect and creativity thereby moving the people from“caked” information to new skills of service delivery. …

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Leadership Programs, Systems And Structures That Promote Change

Leadership Programs, Systems And Structure That Promote Change What are your dominant leadership programs? Is it insourcing or outsourcing? In many circumstances, most leaders look for outside talents to fill open vacancies either due to …

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The Process Of Robust Dialogue

Many team members under the belief of not “rocking the boat” or fear of not “supporting executive initiatives” prefer to go along with discourses by stating and restating what the leader prefers to hear or …

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The Discipline Of Coaching And Mentoring

Executives identify potentials and groom these individuals for increased levels of execution by equipping them with skills for starting and finishing projects squarely. The most effective tool a leader uses to change individuals to prepare …

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The Discipline Of Building A Great Leadership Culture

Successful executive leadership happens in an environment where culture supports initiatives. Culture comprises of the value system, norms, beliefs and the pattern people in an organisation carry on practices or business activities which distinguishes them …

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The discipline of knowing the desired result

Execution leaders must envision the desired end result of change. To get there, goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions are created. In getting the result, action sequencing is carried out based on priority of what …

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