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Leadership Mentorship

Leadership Structures

Systems are usually supported by a structure. The structure determine how functions are to be organised and the way and manner works should be carried out. Leaders typical structure work in any of the ways …

Leadership Mentorship

Creating Leadership Programs

Creating Leadership Programs A leader can create leadership programs by 1)Building a knowledge based culture organisation. A learning organisation challenges intellect and creativity thereby moving the people from“caked” information to new skills of service delivery. …

Leadership Mentorship

The Discipline Of Getting Things Done Squarely

1. Discipline typically means a trained condition of order and obedience which a leader uses to finish whatever he/she starts by following systems, procedures and processes. 2. Discipline involves the use of personal character to …

Leadership Lifestyle

The Discipline Of Exemplary Leadership.

To many leaders, their belief in leadership is a matter of enunciating precepts. Like the old adage says, “example is better than precept”. Fact is a good leader spends a great deal of time teaching …

Leadership Lifestyle Mentorship

The discipline of accountability

Leaders establish the expectation of activities, develop and provide a template for measuring team members who can perform to expected result levels. Based on these parameters, leaders set expectations and communicate same to team members. …

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