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The Process Of Robust Dialogue

Many team members under the belief of not “rocking the boat” or fear of not “supporting executive initiatives” prefer to go along with discourses by stating and restating what the leader prefers to hear or …

Leadership Mentorship

Enemies Of Change

Change is the easiest way of making enemies. No matter how fanciful change initiatives are, there are always some individuals who are aversive to change, or detest it, and will always work against it. So, …

Leadership Mentorship

Change Is About People

The focus of execution leadership should not be about changing an organization, rather it should be about changing the mind-set of people in the organization. Until the people change, the organization does not change. In …

Leadership Mentorship

Designing Parameters

The strategic parameters execution leaders use in designing end to end process management and evaluation includes the following: 1. Setting clear priorities. 2. Assign responsibilities 3. Consensus on a common focus 4. Risk assessments 5. …

Leadership Mentorship

Blurred Vision Produces Unintended Reality

End to end leadership execution is a system that focuses on business initiatives and the control required to achieve the desired result in all phases from beginning to end points. End to end leadership execution …

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