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Leadership Mentorship

5 Factors That Make Change Stick in Organisations

1) Develop incremental change initiative as against a radical system. Change is a learning process and should evolve incrementally. Incremental change goes through information sharing, concept acceptance, process ownership and being the change brand/agent. Sometimes, …

Educational Leadership Mentorship

How Leaders Make Things Happen

The actions of a leader starts with a thought or imaginations. Ideas are first created in thought form before they are birthed in reality. Imagination can be referred to as a nation of images. Simply …

Educational Leadership Mentorship Resources

Self-interrogation: Are You Truly A Leader?

Self-interrogation: Are You Truly A Leader? executive leadership carries the huge weight of influencing organisations, peoples and procedures from the top, down the line to achieve stated objectives, while fulfilling the essence of the leadership. …


What Will Make Me Succeed As A Leader (4)

What Will Make Me Succeed As A Leader 1) Have a broad focus on the leadership activities. Leaders coordinate and ensure alignment of activities towards achievement of set goals. Leadership activities are complex, evolving and …

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