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Educational Leadership

The discipline of knowing the desired result

Execution leaders must envision the desired end result of change. To get there, goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions are created. In getting the result, action sequencing is carried out based on priority of what …

Leadership Mentorship

Challenges Of End To End Process Integration Monitoring

Most Leaders find end to end process monitoring quite challenging. The challenges resulting from this discipline are largely three (3) in nature namely, the execution leadership intrinsic challenge, the external challenge of other people and …

Leadership Mentorship Resources

Execution Leadership: Which Style Will Be Most Effective?

Execution Leadership: Which Style Will Be Most Effective? A lot of leadership styles have been advanced by several studies which classifies these styles into: coercive, authoritative, affirmative, democratic, pacesetter, mentoring/coaching, etc. The focus of execution …

Leadership Mentorship

TIPS (five) On Leadership.

1. The ingredients leaders use for purpose creation are provocation, passion, purpose, plan, provisions, people and polls (7Ps). 2. Leaders must be concerned with their reputation and legacy which should define their tenure in the …

Educational Leadership Mentorship Resources

Self-interrogation: Are You Truly A Leader?

Self-interrogation: Are You Truly A Leader? executive leadership carries the huge weight of influencing organisations, peoples and procedures from the top, down the line to achieve stated objectives, while fulfilling the essence of the leadership. …

Educational Leadership Lifestyle


A plan is a written document showing the entire picture of different parts and stating intended purpose set to be achieved, it involves timelines and details of several short activities or micro plans which on …

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