What Do You Do With Time? Spend It Or Use It?

Every leader and team members in the workplace have several schedule placing demand on their time.  These schedule draws down on their energy, skills, ability and resources. In considerable ways, these schedule deeply eat into these individuals’ time, making it difficult for them to fulfill their core functions in the most expeditious manner.

The law of timing teaches judicious time management by using tools and processes that will increase efficient usage of this resource in a less stressful way.

Time is a universal currency with each day having 24 hours.  Ben Franklin has observed that “time is money.”  This means that by converting time to useful ventures, money will be the outcome.

Effective management of time is the hallmark of successful leaders.  Show me a man who holds his time dear to himself and I will show you an achiever.  It is amazing how some people spend their 24hrs on daily basis and still complain that things are hard.  I have come to realize that successful people use time while others just spend it wastefully.

Great leaders have plan for each day, each week, month, quarter and the year.  The reason why they keep succeeding is because success only answers to planning and not happenstance.  Learning to apportion time to any and everything increases efficiency, success and healthy living.